What do we offer?

Board or General Managers presentations in a local associations

One of the main needs from all our members is the access to information about the industry. As a member of our Federation, our General Menagers will present in you local association the latest figures from their local market.

Global Home Improvement Report

Since 2018, we carry out this report with support of the European DIY-Retail Association (EDRA). The figures included in this edition will be more accurate and will help data specialists for quicker and easier access to key information about the global home improvement sector.

Access to International DIY Studies

As a European Federation, we have agreements with well-known private consultancies and, hence, access to international home improvement studies. As a member, you will receive special discounts when purchasing these studies.

Local studies from member countries for a special price

Our local associations also carry out interesting studies about their own markets. This information is available for all fediyma members for a low purchase fee.

Internal information flow through General Managers and Board

The networking opportunities at fediyma are a priority. As a member you will be able to share views with other CEOs from our industry.

International working groups

Your local challenges might be equally important in other countries. Therefore, we offer our members international workshops to learn about specifiv topics and contrast their views with other managers from other countries.

Quarterly report of economic & DIY indicators

Receive every quarter the latest figures from our industry and the macroeconomic data from Benelux countries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK.

EU Representation

Our Federation has started since 2014 an EU affairs strategy which main aim is to represent the sector to key EU stakeholders, especially the European Commission and European Parliament.

Special price for the Global DIY Summit

The Global DIY Summit is the world’s leading event for retailers and manufacturers from the home improvement and garden centre industry. It is a unique opportunity to exchange views on current and future developments within the global market with the industry’s leading players. The Summit is being jointly hosted by the two leading European DIY professional organisations, EDRA (European DIY-Retail Association) and fediyma (European Federation of DIY Manufacturers), and the first global representation of interest of DIY trade, ghin (Global Home Improvement Network).

Access to the DIY Next Platform

In 2018, we have launched DIY NEXT, the industry’s platform of the future. In this website many top managers from our industry get the latest trends from our sector. This is a platform to meet the newcomers disrupting our industry.