Global Home Improvement Report


A completely revised report for quickerand easier access to key information.

For decisions makers in Home Improvement as in other industries, working with accurate, reliable market information is paramount. Easy access to the information is also important. This led us to make significant changes in our Global Home Improvement Report in this completely overhauled issue.

  • For the main national markets as for the main DIY retail companies, data is displayed in a new layout combining charts and tables
  • Year-over-year evolutions are made apparent
  • The source of sales informationis indicated (either Corporate Information or other source of information)
  • Key indicators on the overall economic situation are provided for each country

Download an introduction and table of contents.



The Global Home Improvement Report is the most comprehensive study from the home improvement industry. The figures included in this edition will help data specialists for quicker and easier access to key information about our sector.


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