DIY Consumer Study

Changing Buying Behavior – Decoding the new Shopper Path-to-Purchase in the DIY Channel

Key take-aways from the consumer study

  1. Brick & Mortar still important à but online and mobile touchpoints are picking up rapidly!
  2. To attract „Online likers“ to the POS becomes more and more difficult
  3. The only way out for the DIY retail sector: Integrated, seamless cross-channel concepts
  4. Quality and emotional aspects have to be addressed across all touchpoints
  5. Retailers and manufacturers need to work together to make it easier for the shopper to buy and to exploit the full potential of cross-channel services

Study Approach

Qualitative F2F Interviews


Generating of detailed insights about shoppers touchpoints (for information and purchasing)

Using implicit research methodology to better understand unconscious shoppers behaviour


Discuss all available and used touchpoints with previous shoppers and regular shoppers in DIY markets.

Focus to the general DIY shopper trip and not to a specific category.

Using implicit research techniques (a●proPOS® connect) to identify unconscious shopper insights.


24 studio interviews across all selected countries – the interviews are focussing on home-improvement

4 interviews in each country (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) – the analysis will be done across all 6  countries – only rough estimations and comparisons are possible to compare countries.

The interview lengths is 90 minutes each and conducted by a professional, experienced moderator

Quantitative Online Interviews


Based on the results from the previous project stage of qualitative studio interviews, the important touchpoints will be evaluated by a valid and reliable number of shoppers.

All 6 countries are involved and the participants will be answering the same questionnaire.


Evaluate touchpoints regarding information and purchase decision relevances

Ranking of touchpoints

Measuring positive and negative experiences with current touchpoints

Exploration of usage and attitude regarding DIY categories and different touchpoints


Online interviews with in each of the 6 countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom)

Interview length will be 20 minutes

Representative sample but not additional quotes can be guaranteed