The pandemic has turned the French into better DIYers

Due to the pandemic, living and the home have become more important to the French. In the past two years, they have taken on more improvement projects, have become better DIYers and hobby gardeners and have further plans for the next two years. In particular the younger generation (25 to 34 years) are taking more of an interest in their living situation. This is how the study "Étude Habitat 2021" can be summarised, which the French DIY association of manufacturers Inoha carried out together with Groupe Reworld Media and the Institut d'Études Harris Interactive and which builds on a previous survey from the year 2018. Some of the results in detail: 44 per cent of the French between 25 and 64 years of age say that their homes have become more important to them due to the pandemic. 69 per cent feel that they became more interested in their home and/or garden and they carried out more work there. 90 per cent made at least one purchase in the area of decoration, DIY, furniture and/or garden in the past two years. 72 per cent carried out a home improvement project, in particular smaller jobs such as painting and the establishment of an office in the home (50 per cent). 85 per cent of home owners want to take on a renovation or improvement project in the next two years. Painting, decorating and gardening are stated here as the top 3. 59 per cent have improved their abilities in DIY or gardening. The figures among the younger consumers aged 25 to 34 years are higher throughout: 92 per cent want to take on an improvement project. 23 per cent own a second home (average: 16 per cent). 52 per cent work from home (average: 38 per cent).