“Homebase is now in a growth strategy”

The positioning of Homebase as "more family and female oriented rather than trade and DIY per se" was one of the major themes in the most recent event at the Global DIY-Network. CEO Damian McGloughlin provided information and answered questions from Edra general secretary John Herbert, who had invited to an eleventh "Meet the CEO" interview. "We have been in a turnaround for a number of years, but I'm really pleased to say that we are now in a growth strategy," McGloughlin described the company's current position. "Growth meaning that we are expanding, growth meaning range and offer, and growth meaning our people." Homebase describes itself as home and garden expert. "We finish all of the rooms in customers' homes and their garden, but we don't build them." Major progress was reported by McGloughlin in the online trade which the company had pushed forward in the course of the pandemic. The share of sales from e-commerce now lies at 16 per cent - practically "from zero" in the time before. McGloughlin mentioned a share of 20 per cent as possible target mark, but at the same time emphasised: "I absolutely believe in physical stores."