Cencosud reports a sales increase of 43 per cent in second quarter

The home improvement division of Chilean retail group Cencosud has increased its second-quarter sales in 2021 by 43 per cent compared with the same quarter last year. In local currencies, the increase was 69.8 per cent.  The quarterly report puts total sales at CLP 367545 bn (EUR 393 mio). Growth in Chile amounted to 63.8 per cent, while in Argentina the group's sales grew by 83.3 per cent. Due to the high inflation, however, the increase in Chilean pesos was 14.6 per cent. Sales rose in Colombia by 34.8 per cent, and by 24.2 per cent when converted into Chilean pesos. Same-store sales also grew in double digits: by 61.5 per cent in Chile, by 49.2 per cent in Argentina and by 17.5 per cent in Colombia.