Byggmax makes 16.7 per cent more sales in the first half of the year

The Swedish DIY store group Byggmax completed its second quarter 2021 with an increase in sales of 13.4 per cent to SEK 2.833 bn (EUR 278 mio). Like-for-like sales adjusted for currency effects have grown by 8.6 per cent. The Byggmax stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland, the most important sales channel by far, made SEK 2.528 bn (EUR 248 mio) and thus 12.2 per cent more. The Skånska Byggvaror online shop, which also operates several showrooms, increased its sales by 21.2 per cent to SEK 309 mio (EUR 30 mio). In the overall first half year, the group made 16.7 per cent more than from January to June 2020 with SEK 3.944 bn (EUR 387 mio). After adjusting, this was 11.4 per cent more. For the sales channel Byggmax, sales rose by 15.0 per cent to SEK 3.527 bn (EUR 346 mio), for Skånska Byggvaror by 31.4 per cent to SEK 424 mio (EUR 42 mio). Meanwhile, Byggmax is driving forward its expansion by purchasing smaller or more specialised retailers in the DIY and building materials industry. At the start of July, the Swedes announced the takeover of Right Price Tiles, an owner-operated Norwegian retailer for modern tiles, sanitary accessories and floorings. Right Price Tiles has 14 stores (two of which as franchise stores) and an online shop. Sales in the past year amounted to NOK 300 mio (EUR 29 mio). In January, Byggmax took over the Danish DIY discount chain Næstved Lavpristræ with four locations.