“Home improvement stores seen globally as ‘essential retail’… but not in Germany!”

In Germany, DIY stores have had to close where there is a high incidence of Covid cases in the city or district concerned. John Herbert, general secretary of Edra/Ghin, has now argued against this decision with a statement entitled "Home improvement stores seen globally as 'essential retail'... but not in Germany!". In the statement, he observes that "in many other countries, whilst many retail stores around the world are closed, the DIY stores remain open as 'essential retail'. This includes many other European countries where often the 'incidence rate' is even higher than in Germany". The German parliament passed measures last week that apply nationwide for the first time and provide a so-called "emergency brake" for certain sectors, schools and other spheres. Up to now the opening and closure of individual retail channels was dictated by the 16 German federal states.