French DIY industry works on its supply chain

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed significant weaknesses within the logistics of the French home improvement industry. After a survey among retailers and its members, the French association of manufacturers Inoha is speaking of an inadequate maturity and susceptibility of the supply chain. In concrete terms, the complaints are that the manufacturers do not have a complete overview of the logistics chain, that supply chains are broken, that the crisis was hastily reacted to without a sound analysis and that logistics is very inadequately digitalised. Trade and industry, according to the association, have recognised the need to work together. In concrete terms, the association urges for better demand forecasts by combining data from trade and manufacturers and cooperative quantity planning in which manufacturers are responsible for the supply of goods. "In order to adapt to a changing world, it will be necessary to leave behind traditional ideas and to enter into solid cooperatives with all partners in the chain," says Inoha president Jean-Luc Guéry. The improvement of performance, the achievement of a significant cost optimisation and having operative risks under control - these are the levers to make progress in the forward development of the supply chain. And of course, with the goal of optimising the profitability of our companies".