Growth of the DIY stores in Germany remains double-digit

DIY stores in Germany have continued to grow in double-digit figures in the third quarter, although no longer to the same extent as in the second quarter. Sales rose by 13.9 per cent to EUR 5.5 bn compared to the same period last year. The like-for-like increase amounted to 14.2 per cent. These figures have been published by the German industry association BHB. From January to September, the DIY trade in Germany made sales of EUR 17.32 bn, which amounts to an increase in sales of 15.0 per cent. Over a comparable surface area, this constituted a rise of 15.4 per cent. Product groups There haven't been as many double-digit growth figures in the individual product groups as there were in the first three quarters of 2020 for several years, the association observes. The top spots among the assortments most purchased by the customers were taken, as expected, by the garden assortments, but also classic DIY articles and building materials. Most growth was achieved by paint/painting supplies (28.7 per cent), garden equipment (26.2 per cent), wood (25.5 per cent), garden furniture (25.2 per cent) and tools/hand tools (21.9 per cent). Only one area of the overall 22 recorded product groups slipped down into the minus range during this pandemic year: the automotive segment (car accessories, trailers, vehicles etc.) sank by 3.7 percentage points and thus reflects the limited mobility of the Germans in the coronavirus year.