“DIY stores come out stronger in Covid-19”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people have rediscovered their homes and feel the need to take greater care of them is important. Therefore, DIY stores are now globally perceived more positively and their position has been strengthened. John Herbert, general secretary of the European DIY Retail Association Edra/Ghin, has spoken out with this announcement. In most countries, the home improvement trade is correctly categorised as an essential service, Herbert writes in a statement. "We at Edra/Ghin are very proud that we managed to persuade the decision-makers in Brussels, with many of our members benefiting from this," he announces. At the same time, Herbert emphasises the fact that the companies implemented exemplary safety management during the pandemic as an important reason for the positive perception of the DIY trade. According to details from the association, this has led to still rising sales. "Most home improvement companies globally are still enjoying double digit growth in sales compared to before the crisis, and we expect this to continue until life becomes 'normal' again and the pandemic is behind us," explains Herbert. In particular, e-commerce sales have increased considerably, Edra/Ghin confirm in their statement, which explains that many companies more than doubled their online sales during the pandemic. Some retailers now achieve an e-commerce share in sales of up to 20 per cent.