Kingfisher: plus 25 per cent in June, e-commerce plus 225 per cent

In a look back on the months of May and June, the British Kingfisher group reports sales jumps of around 25 per cent and a tripling in e-commerce, even before the end of the quarter. In May, the overall group made like-for-like sales of 14.3 per cent more. However in Romania, as well as in Spain and Portugal, there were double-digit declines. Then in June, the DIY stores operated by Kingfisher in all countries recorded high growths between 15 per cent (Poland) and 33 per cent (France). No details have been provided for Russia. In the not quite yet completed second quarter until 18 July 2020 (it ends on 31 July), like-for-like sales rose by 21.6 per cent. However since the beginning of financial year in February until 18 July, there was a like-for-like decline of 3.7 per cent. Kingfisher has published the following detailed figures:

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