Hubo boss Erwin Van Osta is now chairman of Comeos

Erwin Van Osta, owner and CEO of the Belgian DIY store chain Hubo, is new chairman of the Belgian retail federation Comeos for the period of 2020 to 2023. The association represents 18 sectors, not only home improvement but also, for example, food, fashion and e-commerce, and makes up 11.2 per cent of the Belgian GDP as well as around 500 000 jobs in the country. Comeos CEO continues to be Dominique Michel. The new chairman, Erwin Van Osta, is not only head of Hubo with more than 150 stores and annual sales of around EUR 660 mio, but also co-founder of the European purchasing cooperative Bricoalliance, whose members have 856 stores in nine countries and combined sales of EUR 2.2 bn. In addition, Van Osta is also active in the international home improvement association Edra/Ghin.