Update UK: Stores open, shelves restocked

In the United Kingdom, retail stores continue to remain open. However, 24-hour supermarkets have begun closing at 10 pm so they can restock overnight - this has only just started happening in the last few days. Shelves are soon emptied so most supermarkets are restricting purchases to just three or four of each product category, but toilet paper and sanitizer are typically restricted to one or two packs per customer, customers report. Some supermarkets are only allowing elderly people to shop during certain periods so they can get what they need and many have closed down their cafes and meat/fish counters. The CEOs of the major supermarkets have emailed customers asking that they are considerate with their purchasing. Card and contactless payments are encouraged rather than cash. Home improvement stores and garden centres are open too and, for the moment, there are no reports about people stockpiling DIY or garden goods. Maybe people might be thinking about doing small DIY tasks and gardening more if they have to stay at home, people in the DIY and garden industry suggest.