Tickets now available for the 8th Global DIY Summit

Online registration is now open for the 8th Global DIY Summit 2020 in Amsterdam, according to the organisers, Edra/Ghin and Fediyma. Once again they are expecting more than 1 000 delegates from around 55 countries at the most important networking event on the calendar of the home improvement sector from 10 to 12 June 2020. "The New Normal: Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World" is the title of the summit. Key topics will include "Personalisation - using data to deliver personalised experiences", "The future of marketplaces and the rise of digital ecosystems", "Open innovation - creating a collaborative culture in business", "The age of responsibility - beyond CSR" und "Global home improvement retail trends in 2020". The list of speakers features figures that have already appeared at the summit previously, along with a host of new names. Returning speakers include, for example, Victoria Neuhofer, Paul Martin of KPMG, Andreas Kerschner of Alibaba, Mark Herbek of Cleveland Research, Steve Collinge of Insight Retail and Reinier Zuydgeest of USP. Other personalities giving presentations will be Mark Haviland of Rakuten, the keynote speaker Rik Vera, Tobias Pohl of Google and Llewelyn Walters of Massbuild. Association presidents Sergio Giroldi of Obi and Reinhard Wolff of Wolfcraft will naturally be present on stage as well as moderators John Herbert of Edra/Ghin and Ralf Rahmede of Fediyma.