The search begins at Amazon and not at DIY retailers

The majority of European consumers still prefer stationary DIY stores as shopping source for home improvement products, but almost half of them carry out research on the Internet in advance - namely mostly on Amazon. In the first quarter of 2019, the American online giant achieved a share of 42 per cent when consumers were asked, as part of the European Home Improvement Monitor (USP Marketing Consultancy), where they begin their online research when it comes to everything DIY. Google stands at second place with 34 per cent, all online shops by DIY store operators together achieved only 15 per cent. As these graphics show however, the proportions vary considerably among the examined countries. In Poland, for example, the DIY store operators together have a share of 67 per cent, just as much as Google in Sweden. In the Netherlands too, the DIY retailers perform significantly better (39 per cent), as well as in Denmark (29 per cent) and Belgium (25 per cent). The highest Amazon shares were measured in Italy (70 per cent) and in Germany (53 per cent).