The DIY Lifetime Award 2019 goes to Ralf Meistes

The recipient of this year's DIY Lifetime Award is Ralf Meistes (65), authorised signatory and Head of DIY Logistics at Dachser GmbH in Cologne. The award is given annually by the Retailers' Association for Home Improvement, Building and Gardening (BHB) and Dähne Verlag to personalities who have made an outstanding contribution to the DIY sector. In 1998/99, Ralf Meistes developed the Dachser DIY Logistics division (based in Cologne), for which he remains responsible to date for the company as a whole. At the start of the millennium, the company handled an annual volume of around 300 000 shipments in Germany; now the logistics specialist transports approximately 4.6 million shipments a year in Europe and worldwide. Over 18 000 DIY stores, garden centres, specialist businesses and consumers in all receive deliveries on a daily basis via Dachser DIY Logistics. The DIY Lifetime Award is presented annually by the BHB of Cologne and Dähne Verlag in Ettlingen. The jury comprises four persons: a representative from each of the founding organisations and a representative from each of the trade associations Herstellerverband Haus und Garten (HHG) and Industrieverband Garten (IVG). This year the award will be presented for the 14th time.