German market for floorings shrinks in 2018

The German market for floorings was able to enjoy an almost universally positive growth development in the last ten years. But that's over now, writes IFH Köln in its latest study on the flooring market. According to the study, the market in 2018 lost around 1.1 per cent and thus showed a declining tendency for the first time in many years. In Germany in 2018, sales of EUR 7.97 bn were made in textile and non-textile floorings and also tiles.
Closer analysis of the individual product groups reveals that in particular less laminate flooring was purchased, according to the IFH: "Compared to the previous year, laminate flooring made a loss of 7.3 per cent." In contrast however, growth (up 7.5 per cent) was recorded in elastic floorings.
According to the IFH study, "Industry focus floorings - online & offline" shifts are not only identifiable within the product groups. The sales landscape in the market for floorings is also changing. For example the online trade in floorings has been increasing steadily since 2010 and grew in the last eight years by an average of over 15 per cent annually.
The institute concludes that for the industry - in particular for the specialist trade - uncertainty in terms of the continued market development is therefore increasing.