DIY customers too are more frequently seeking information in advance online

Also when purchasing DIY products, more and more consumers are looking for information in advance on the Internet. The share of customers who are doing this has risen in four years from 32.7 per cent to 45.0 per cent in the year 2018. These figures originate from the European Home Improvement Monitor by USP Marketing Consultancy. In the eleven investigated countries, the range stretched from a third of customers in France and Belgium, who research online before making a DIY purchase, to more than half in Poland. While income and DIY experience generally didn't have any influence on the online orientation of customers, age is an important factor; as expected, a significantly higher share of younger people research in advance on the Internet than older people. The market researchers at USP also associate consumers' increasing online orientation with the trend that more and more customers already have a product brand in mind when entering a DIY store.