The latest figures from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The new "Statistik Baumarkt + Garten D-A-CH 2019" is out now. In it, the statistics experts at the German publishing house Dähne Verlag provide information on the latest developments in the DIY and garden trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Covering 140 pages, they have compiled and prepared all important current and historical data and converted it into understandable graphics, maps and tables. In doing so, both the national and also the international activities of the market participants in the three countries are presented. This is all enriched with data from the areas of pet supplies, number of employees and e-commerce. All the data is also electronically retrievable via download and usable (as PDF or Excel file). The work is available in German. The new "Statistik Baumarkt + Garten D-A-CH 2019" can be ordered now at +49/7243/575-144, or