Cencosud gains 17.3 per cent in local currency

The Chilean trading group Cencosud made sales of CLP 284.938 bn (EUR 362 mio) in its home improvement division in the first quarter and thus 12.1 per cent less than in the same period last year. However the deficit stems from the continuing devaluation of the Argentinian pesos. In local currencies, sales increased by 17.3 per cent. Because in Argentina, sales rose by 25.6 per cent in local currency, in Chilean pesos however, they sank by 29.6 per cent to CLP 121.442 bn (EUR 154 mio). Same store sales gained 24.8 per cent - this amount also a result of inflation.
In its home market, the Chilean company made sales of CLP 146.047 bn (EUR 185 mio), thus 7.3 per cent more than the same period last year. The same store sales also grew by 6.8 per cent here. In Colombia, sales in both the local currency as well as in Chilean pesos increased by 13.0 per cent to CLP 17.449 bn (EUR 22 mio). The same store sales also rose by the same amount.