Ignacio Sánchez heads both Leroy Merlin Spain as well as Akí

As further step towards the announced merger of Leroy Merlin España and the Spanish chain Akí at the start of 2019, there will be organisational and personnel changes. Groupe Adeo, the parent company of the two chains has determined that Ignacio Sánchez, CEO of Leroy Merlin España, will also be CEO of Akí. In addition, as new executive committee there will be a Comité Estratégico (a strategic committee) with the eight operational areas personnel, services, homes, offer, product, supply chain, information technology, development and finances. The eight regional organisations which are to be newly formed are combined into a new Comité de Explotación. In addition a new Oficina del Dato (a data management office) and an Oficina de Marca (a brand office) will be formed.