Three per cent growth for Cencosud in home improvement

The Chilean retailer Cencosud racked up sales of CLP 1 333 439 mio (EUR 1.800 bn) last year with its home improvement activities. The figure represents an increase of 3.0 per cent over the previous year. The retail group's DIY distribution lines are Easy and Blaisten. In its home market Chile, the division's sales fell by 1.0 per cent to CLP 514 788 mio (EUR 731 mio), although same-store sales rose by 3.3 per cent. In Argentina, the biggest market for Cencosud's home improvement stores at CLP 755 352 mio (EUR 1.020 bn), sales increased by 6.3 per cent reckoned in Chilean pesos rather than the further devalued Argentinian currency. Same-store sales here saw nominal growth of 18.4 per cent. Sales in the Colombian market declined by 0.7 per cent to CLP 63 299 mio (EUR 85 mio) in converted currency, while same-store sales increased by a nominal 8.8 per cent.