Brexit and Trump at the Global DIY Summit in Berlin

The 5th Global DIY Summit, which is taking place at the start of June 2017, has updated the focus of its programme. The actual motto of the event ("A new year - A glimpse into the future of home improvement") has been brought back down to a new reality due to the current political developments in Great Britain and the United States. At the summit, questions concerned with: "Brexit and Trump - New global challenges" will be raised and discussed. According to the summit organisers Edra/Ghin and Fediyma, the global economic outlook was already worsened because of the Brexit decision made by the Brits. And also the economic consequences of the Trump presidency could be enormous and cost-intensive. So in Berlin there should be a discussion on the effects that both developments could have on the DIY store industry and how economic leaders can respond to this new global order.

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