Falabella invests in logistics for its DIY stores

Last year the Chilean retail group Falabella invested a considerable amount in the logistics and infrastructure of its DIY store sales channels. In Peru the company has put a distribution centre for its Sodimac and Maestro DIY stores into operation with a floor space of 65 000 m². In Colombia, Sodimac launched a new dispatch centre for home deliveries. Falabella has set up a rented distribution centre for its Brazilian Dicico and Sodimac stores with 20 000 m², which can be expanded to 80 000 m². Furthermore, the group opened six DIY stores last year. It intends to invest USD 4 bn from 2017 to 2020. Of this amount, 42 per cent is planned for the opening of 114 new stores and shopping centres, while nearly 27 per cent will be used to increase selling area and remodel existing stores. The remaining 31 per cent will go on logistics and IT. In 2017 alone, the company wishes to invest USD 977 mio and open 23 stores and two shopping centres. With operations in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, Falabella operates five business units: department stores, home improvement, supermarket, real estate and financial services.