Global DIY Market worth 538 billion €

In 2015, the DIY/home improvement world market turnover reached 538 billion €, an increase of 3% compared to last year. North America and Europe combined represent 86% of this world market, although their joint population accounts for only 23 % of the world population. The DIY markets of these two continents sum 463 billion €. North America and Europe reach 57% and 29% of the world market respectively. North America had the highest average DIY expenditure per capita in 2015 with 854 €.

Approximately 83% of the global DIY market (447 billion €) is concentrated in only 8 countries: USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Italy. Moreover, the three majour DIY countries in Europe (Germany, France and United Kingdom) represent 57% of the continent’s market.

The top 10 major DIY retailers worldwide: Home Depot (USA), Lowe’s (USA), ADEO (France), Kingfisher (UK), Bunnings Building (Australia), Menards (USA), OBI (Germany), Sears (USA), Bauhaus (Germany), Canadian Tire (Canada).

More detailed information is contained in the first version of the brand new “Global Home Improvement Report 2016 by fediyma”.

A new report analysing the international DIY industry

The Global Home Improvement Report is a new study carried out by the European Federation of DIY Manufacturers (fediyma). This report is replacing the former World DIY Report with more detailed content about countries and top retailers around the world. This analysis will provide their readers with a consistent and comprehensive overview from the global DIY markets.

How to place an order?

The Global Home Improvement Report 2016 is distributed by the local associations of fediyma: Herstellerverband Haus & Garten (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Unibal (France), BHETA (UK), AFEB (Spain and Portugal), febin (Belgium) and MADE4DIY (Italy). For international companies not based in any of these countries, they must contact fediyma directly (

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